Plastic Free July Debrief

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Over the past month we have been promoting #PlasticFreeJuly – this campaign is to encourage everyone to start noticing the plastic around them, and from that, start making small changes in their behaviour to reduce their plastic consumption. Our main focus within the anti-plastic movement, is to reduce the impact on the environment and wildlife, namely in the ocean. The goal of our business is to not just reduce plastic in general but to reduce disposable behaviours. We offer transitional products that allow people to swap out everyday items for more sustainable alternatives.

The Hits love the paper bin  liners!

From our observations of conversations and discussions during Plastic Free July we have noted that people generally feel guilty for their plastic use and want better alternatives. Our paper bin liners, for example, were incredibly popular, with people saying that they didn’t even realise these existed, or that the plastic bag bin liners were one of the things they didn’t know what to do about. By providing these simple solutions we hope to provide Kiwis easy ways to reduce their plastic guilt.

Reusable Produce Bags

To make all these often-overwhelming changes even easier, we are going to run a series of videos about simple switches; including the good, better and best options, the price and waste comparisons and the reasons why these changes are important.

Keep an eye out for these in the next few weeks and send us your picks for things you would like to see!

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