Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated delivery cost of my order?

Retail Shipping: $5-$8 nationwide 
Wholesale Shipping: up to 2kg (eg 1-2 x boxes of straws) $8.50 nationwide, 
Over 2 kg (3 or more boxes, and cases) $10 nationwide, 
Canterbury shipping (up to 25 kg) $8.50.
Please note that our courier pickup is 10am so any orders after this will be sent the following day. 

How can I pay for my purchase?

We accept payment by credit card, PayPal or bank deposit. Cheque payments incur a 10% charge.

Can I get an invoice for my order?

Yes, we can send an invoice for orders of one case or more. Please email with your order and we will send you an account set up form to fill in. Web orders are faster for us to process so you will get your straws quicker by ordering online

How do I get the 'case price' discount for paper straws?

The case price refers to 8 boxes of the same straws. Case price does not apply to 8 boxes of different straws.

Do you have an environmental policy?

Yes, we do. If you'd like to read it, please drop us a line using the contact form.

Sometimes I buy eco-friendly products and they come wrapped in plastic, do yours?

No, they don't! We package all our products in cardboard or thick paper tubing and use paper tape

Produce Bags

For our Fundraiser we want to order specific colours of Reusable Produce bags. Can we?

You sure can! Just pop the colours you want in the notes on the checkout page and we will pack what you request.

Where are The Rubbish Whisperer Produce Bags made?

We make the bags right here in NZ and we pay the living wage.

What are our reusable produce bags made from?

Our bags are made from 100% polyester. This material is lightweight, durable, quick to dry, stains less than cotton, comes in great colours and is affordable. It means we can also make the bags in NZ - we are providing 15 NZ jobs in the manufacture of NZ-made produce bags.

I am interested in fundraising with your products, can I have more information?

Yes, please see our Eco Friendly Fundraising page for details on how it works and the break down of costs.

Why aren't your reusable produce bags made of post-consumer recycled material?

In order to keep the bags affordable, we don't use recycled material. If in the future we can source affordable recycled material then we will switch to it.


What are the measurements of the paper straws?

Standard: 19.68 cm long; 5.8 mm diameter
Smoothie: 19.68 cm long; 7.4mm diameter
Cocktail: 15 cm long, 5.8 mm diameter
Tall: 26.5 cm long, 5.8 mm diameter

I am interested in your paper straws, can I have a sample?

Yes of course! Just send us your address via the contact page or and we will send you a range of straws. Let us know if there are any in particular you are interested in seeing.

What about people with disabilities?

Our straws are flexible and so can be used while lying down. We supply them to hospitals and rest-homes around NZ. Get in touch through the contact page to discuss your requirements or to request some samples.

Do your straws have a compliance report?

Yes, you can see the full report here. In summary, our straws are FDA and EU approved Foodsafe, GMO free, toxicity safe, produced from sustainably managed forests and meet home composting requirements.

What about PLA biodegradable plastic straws?

Biodegradable plant-based plastics come from a renewable carbon source and have a carbon footprint that is 75% lower than oil based plastics but we don't sell biodegradable plastic straws (or include them in Plastic Straws are for Suckers) for the following reasons:

1) They are still plastic. Plastic is durable and long lasting and this means that if it gets into the natural environment it won't break down quickly. PLA straws that end up in the sea are still a hazard to marine life. Our paper straws fall apart in seawater in three days, and even if they're eaten by animals, they are made from digestible paper.

2) Biodegradable plastics need to be commercially composted at a specific temperature, pH and humidity. Facilities for this are currently not widespread. In comparison, our paper straws are home compostable and our stainless steel straws are reusable.

3) Because PLA straws are still plastic, they don't open up a conversation about the problems with plastic. These straws look and feel like oil-based plastic. When an eatery switches to paper or stainless steel straws, customers are instantly aware that the eatery is making a change to a more sustainable straw.


Who do you donate to?

The Rubbish Whisperer donates 20% of profit to local community and environmental projects/charities. 

This is how the donations are allocated:

70% to the environment
• Each staff member has chosen a charity to support (see the About Us page)

30% to the community
St John Supporter Membership for all employees and their families
• Remainder as voted by staff

The donations will be distributed over the following financial year.

What's your environmental policy?

Contact us to see the environmental policy

What if I have a problem with my order?

If you have any problems with your order please contact us as soon as possible. Any issues need to be raised within 7 days of receiving your order.


Is The Rubbish Whisperer certified with any organisations?

At this point in time we have deliberately chosen not to be certified with the following organisations: Sustainable Business Network, Accredited Living Wage Employers, Made In New Zealand and B-Corp.
We believe that all businesses should be sustainable and pay the living wage.
While we acknowledge the importance of these certifications in moving New Zealand to a point where this is 'business as usual' we have decided that currently we will let the actions of The Rubbish Whisperer speak for themselves.



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