Make a Bee/Bug Hotel (in 10mins!)

Posted by Helen Townsend on

Bee hotel from paper straws

NZ has 28 species of native bees/ngaro huruhuru. Unlike honey bees, they don't live in hives but in holes in the ground or plant material.

You can make your own bee/bug hotel to encourage more beneficial insects into your garden (and it's the quickest crafting project ever!)

1. Completely remove the lid and wash and dry a can.

2. Using a nail, make a hole in the base of the can, near the top.

3. Thread some strong (but not plastic) string through the hole.

4. Cut paper straws so that they are just shorter than the tin can (the ones in our picture are a bit long!). Then the straws won't get wet in the rain.

5. Put the straws into the can so they are nice and snug and don't fall out.

6. Hang your hotel in dappled shade, pointing slightly downwards so any water runs out.

7. Wait to see who comes to visit!


To increase populations of native bees and bugs plant native trees and shrubs, don't use pesticides and visit For The Love of Bees to find out more.


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