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The Sign of the Kiwi is an iconic Christchurch landmark. Designed by architect Samuel Hurst Seager and opened in 1917 as a teahouse, the building is now registered as a historic place. Following the 2011 earthquake the building has been through major strengthening and reopened on the 23rd January 2017. The delightful space offers indoor and outdoor seating with incredible views over the city to the Southern Alps and is popular with walkers, bikers, tourists and locals alike. For stunning views, exquisite coffee and delicious food - head up the hill!

LOCATION: Port Hills, Christchurch


Sum up your café in 5 words…. Home cooking, true, warm, unique, friendly.

What did you want to be as a kid? A fireman, like every other boy!

What is your favorite quote? “Perseverance pays”

What people say about our straws? They love that they are biodegradable. It is part of a change at our café, in August last year we stopped using takeaway cups- we had too much rubbish and then there's the whole idea of the planet being destroyed by coffee cups. Instead we have a mug wall where people can borrow a mug!

What is your proudest moment? My daughters being born.

What is your biggest work-related challenge? Agreeing and getting on with my business partner Janice (hehe).

When are you happiest? When I am travelling.

Why should other cafes / people make the swap to paper straws? Stop plastic; it’s killing us! Go for biodegradable or recyclable materials.

How do you relax? Reading or playing tennis.

What keeps you awake at night? Alcohol!

What will you do when you retire? Go sailing.

What impact has swapping the straws made on your business? People are keen to supporting the fact that we try not to use plastic.


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