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Mission: To continually develop and source alternatives to single-use plastics to reduce marine plastic pollution


Helen Townsend



What's our Story?

In 2009, our Founder and CEO, Helen Townsend, was living and working in Nepal. She was amazed and appalled at the amounts of unprocessed rubbish littering a beautiful country. On returning to NZ she decided to reduce her own waste footprint and try to create awareness around reusable and compostable products that can replace single-use plastics. Helen believes that by motivating people to take small steps, we can collectively make big changes that will help protect and preserve the delicate balance of our precious eco-systems.

Why The Rubbish Whisperer?

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UN Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable development goals

The Rubbish Whisperer supports the above Sustainable Development Goals. For more information visit the UN Website or see the Guidelines.

Together We Are Stronger...

We know that strong partnerships are essential to long term sustainability and development which is why we are proud to work with these fantastic local and international organisations:

Our Seas Our Future
Lonely Whale
Clever Green


We also know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of others – we are thankful for the support of:

SIFT Pathway

We are delighted that others recognise and celebrate what we are achieving -  and we are proud to have won Most Sustainable Small Business 2018 and Most Sustainable Business 2019 in the Keep NZ Beautiful Awards!







 BeyondPlastic Award Nominee 2020       


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