Paper Straw Christmas Trees

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You will need:

- Hot glue gun (parental supervision required)

- A pack of crafty Christmas straws from The Rubbish Whisperer

- Scissors

- Optional additions: string and paper for stars


Start by gluing two straws together to create a base on which to stick the branches.


Next, cut a straw length to fit on the width of the base and glue to the top.

Cut a second straw length slightly longer and glue to the base, leaving a small gap between the horizontal straws. 

Continue for as long as you like until you have a shape that resembles a tree.

 Trim the bottom off the base.

Cut a star out of paper and glue to the top.

Add glitter to your star with our eco-friendly glitter recipe

Thread string through the top horizonal straw and hang from your Christmas tree!

You can make a range of different trees using the Christmas craft pack – try alternating the colours, changing the sizes and the size of the gaps between horizontal straws.

You can use all your little off cuts to create tiny trees!

Stick them onto the side of straws and use them as Christmas themed straws on the big day!

You can also make straw wreaths with your off cuts by gluing them around the edge of a bottle top or plastic bottle ring. The Christmas craft possibilities are endless!!

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