Water Balloon Amnesty

2019 World of Wearable Arts:  

Crafted entirely from plastic waste and re-purposed materials, In the Deep contemplates the dangerous predicament of our ocean's wildlife from the impact of unnecessary plastic pollution. Delicate sea creatures, created from hundreds of single use water balloons donated to The Rubbish Whisperer in an amnesty, adorn a lavish shimmering gown of plastic waves. Fragile coral, vivid starfish and stunning anemones fight to survive among the detritus of a wasteful human reality. We hope to inspire thought and change by showcasing this aquatically inspired piece, at a time when there is growing global consciousness around the issue.

Over two months in 2019 we had the opportunity to work with a bunch of cool people on this outfit. Two Ara students offered their skills to create this beautiful dress that tells the story of plastic pollution making it to even our deepest seas. It is made from the disposable water balloons that you sent in for our Amnesty, fabric off-cuts from our produce bag manufacturing, and other waste. Big thanks to the World of WearableArt (WOW) for the opportunity to enter, Aimi and Rose the designers, Bel van Noorden for modelling, Elixir Creative for the photos, Frontal Lobe for the studio and everyone that sent us your water balloons. The outfit will be part of a public display for Plastic Free July (watch this space for details).

By swapping from disposable to reusable you can have longer water fights and less cleaning up. You can use them at campgrounds where water balloons are banned and  you can feel confident that you're making positive change for the ocean without sacrificing fun.




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