Water Balloon Amnesty

50% off reusable water balloons when you send us your unused disposable ones!

Switch to reusable water balloons

Send us your unused disposable water balloons to get 50% off reusable water balloons.

By swapping from disposable to reusable you can have longer water fights and less cleaning up. You can use them at campgrounds where water balloons are banned and  you can feel confident that you're making positive change for the ocean without sacrificing fun.

Send your water balloons to:

The Rubbish Whisperer
C/- Pathway Trust
44 Mandeville Street
Christchurch, 8011*

What will we do with the water balloons? 

Water Balloon Amnesty

2019 World of Wearable Arts: We will use the water balloons in an entry into the World of Wearable Arts competition in a design that tells an ocean-themed story about the benefits of moving from a disposable to a reusable culture.  

* Shipping cost is at customer's expense

**Applies to retail pricing for single and 3 packs of reusable water balloons