World Oceans Day

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Underwater Photo - Anthea Madill
“Every drop in the ocean counts.
(Yoko Ono)

World Oceans Day will be marked this year on June 8th. This annual global celebration aims to help raise the profile of the ocean, highlight its importance in our lives and inspire more involvement to help to conserve this amazing resource, on which we all depend.

Since its inception in 2002, the global network of partners for the project has grown to include approximately 2,000 organizations that include, to name a few; aquariums, youth groups, sailors, governments, conservation organizations, educational establishments, the tourism sector and businesses.

This year NZ has several reasons to be smiling about its support of this awesome project. Firstly, the day before the event, the government will enforce regulations to ban the sale and manufacture of certain types of products containing plastic microbeads. Secondly, there are some great events taking place across the country to get involved with. To list or find out what is taking place near you, click on the link below: Events For World Ocean Day


New Zealand Ocean - Anthea Madill

There are some motivated individuals, celebrities, community groups, organisations, businesses and political figures fighting to preserve the future of our seas; connecting to them through social media can offer valuable inspiration and facts to help fuel changes in our own lives. Here are our 6 Simple Steps To Help The Ocean Survive, with some links, to people already doing great things for the ocean:

  • Pick It Up

One man’s healthy crusade to limit plastic in our oceans - Matt Akhurst aka therubbishrunner1 encourages us not to turn a blind eye to rubbish but to simply pick it up.

  • Make Changes & Document Them

This simple project lead by a young generation of projectbluenz group of young NZ’ers changing the way they use single use plastics and documenting their journey, beautifully.

  • Use Your Influence

Use your contacts and networks, just like leonardodicaprio, to spread the word. However small or large your sphere of influence you can.

  • Collaborate To Find Solutions

theoceancleanup is a huge project marrying the best of technology, science and eco-change by experts across the world – their focus is the world’s largest clean up.

Beach Clean Up Photo - Anthea Madill

  • Get Educated And Inspired

There are lots of collectives and organisations seeking to inspire and educate us towards change and is just one NZ site where you can find well-presented facts and ideas.

  • Go to the top

Our politicians get paid to listen to what their constituents want, need and believe. Connect with the PM jacindaardern or your local MP and ask them to get involved in promoting ocean friendly initiatives.

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