The Rubbish Whisperer and a Circular Economy

Posted by Helen Rupp on

The current linear economy structure is manufacturing > transport > consuming > landfill/recycling or downcycling (where materials are recycled into lower quality material) and in this system companies aren’t required to take responsibility for the end of life of their products or the waste created in manufacturing. In contrast a circular economy is where there is no waste and everything is cycled back into the system in some way.

When we reduce our own individual waste by avoiding packaging and buying local, we end up contributing to a more circular economy – that is, one in which products are manufactured, grown or produced locally and are reusable, repairable, and valuable. By supporting local businesses and ventures we not only support jobs in our community but form relationships with the producer – they can then support us by repairing or customising our products and by taking back any components to be reused. Manufacturing on a local scale also provides communities with independence and self-sufficiency that then gives them resilience in tough times.

The Rubbish Whisperer sees a future of circular economics. We aim to provide a stepping stone from the old linear system to the new circular one by producing our products locally where possible; we support the local craftswomen who make our reusable produce bags and makeup wipes. They can then put their income back into our local community which indirectly benefits us. We repair produce bags if needed and we see the fabric scraps created in manufacturing as a resource not as waste, and use them to tie sets of stainless steel straws or as part of craft kits. We also reuse cardboard boxes for packaging so we use less virgin material. 

Some of the products we offer are intended to be transitional items; for example, paper straws are a stepping stone between plastic straws and no straw at all! (with acknowledged need within disabilities).

At The Rubbish Whisperer we provide good quality products that are made to last, whether it be a paper straw that won’t go soggy or a reusable produce bag that you will have for years. We acknowledge as a producer and retail agent that we have a responsibility to not only reduce our impact on the environment, but also to help reduce yours.

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