Plastic Straw Free September

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In only the past twenty years, people have come to expect plastic straws in every drink,  an example of extreme waste being generated for minimal convenience.
(Plastic Pollution Coalition)

Straw Free September, it’s become an annual, global movement. A month where we are encouraged to politely refuse the straw, helping spark thought and discussion around the massive impact cheap, disposable single-use plastics are having on our environment. It is hoped, that this simple trigger encourages us to look more widely at what other unnecessary and easily replaceable plastics we rely on as part of our daily lives.

Plastic straw from the ocean - Clean Coast Kiwi
Plastic Straw rescued from the sea by Clean Coast Kiwi

However, for some people in our communities being strawless is problematic or even impossible. Those with physical needs, disabilities, people in medical care or the elderly, may rely on a straw to help keep them hydrated. Many of our product lines are developed in response to customers feedback or requests and our range of biodegradable bendy straws has been introduced to meet the needs to these markets. It means that conscious carers are able to support clients while also avoiding the long-term damage that plastics cause.

Flexible Paper Straws

As our southern hemisphere Spring kicks into action and before Plastic Straw Free September comes to an end, now is a great time to take stock and make changes. In addition to the annual spring clean why not consider an eco-clean too? How about swapping out 3 things from your daily routine that use plastic? It could be as straightforward as a traditional toothbrush for a bamboo alternative, plastic bin liners for paper ones, reusable beeswax wraps for cling wrap or a plastic dish brush for a bamboo scrubber. Visit our store today and get your green glow on by making a simple swap.

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