Plastic-Free for Life?

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I have been living a Zero Waste lifestyle for four years now and all of the trash that I have produced fits in one 16oz mason jar.” *

 Statements like this can polarize people; are you feeling deeply inspired or somewhat despondent? Many of us fall into the latter bracket but we must be hopeful because we need the Merrin Tates, Tammy Logans, and *Lauren Singers of this world. It is good to know there are people who go plastic free and zero waste; we can learn from their experiences and reap the benefits of building on what they have already tried and tested. Here are simple swaps and steps they have shared to get you on the road…

 Going Up                                                                                                   Going Down

Farmers market                                                                                           Supermarket

Reusable produce bags                                                                               Plastic bags

Bakery bread                                                                     Supermarket wrapped bread

Beeswax infused material                                                                              Food wrap

Egg box seed trays                                                                             Plastic seed trays

Stainless steel razor                                                                            Disposable razors

Fresh veggies                                                                                          Frozen veggies                   

Bulk bin buying                                                                       Plastic packaging & trays

 Everyone living plastic free does it a little differently. Being individuals means that we will have different preferences, levels of knowledge, will live in areas with access to varied resources, products and services. Perhaps most importantly, we will have different levels of support from our family, friends, community and local government. These all affect our decisions about what and how we phase out plastics and unnecessary waste and what and how we do it will change over time, as we learn more and become increasingly inspired.

 And if you are still feeling a little ho-hum, then just take it one day at a time like the folks at Plastic Free Tuesday. Or, encourage the family to get behind the cause by bypassing the icecream at the supermarket and heading down to the dairy for a cone instead - reducing can be fun and instantly rewarding too!

By Hannah Beasley

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