Interview - Moon Under Water

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CAFÉ NAME: Moon Under Water

LOCATION: 152 Somerfield St, Christchurch

MANAGER / OWNER: Matt Kamstra

Sum up your pub in 5 words

local community, not just beer

What did you want to be as a kid?

A fighter pilot I think, until my bad eyesight caught up with me. I went to university with the aim of becoming a secondary teacher but that never flew. I fell into hospitality about 22 and I've been at it ever since

What living person do you admire and why?

I've come across so many inspirational people in this line of work, from seemingly very ordinary people doing extraordinary things, through to famous people who just wanted a refuge in a quiet corner sipping on a pint. It can be a very rewarding and inspiring job. 

What do people say about our straws?

People are overwhelmingly positive, some even high five us! The feedback has been 100% positive and people are naturally inquisitive.

What is your proudest moment?

Finally opening my own pub - I've spent 17 years in the industry with the last 12 managing for other people, so it was about time!

What is your biggest work related challenge?

I've never been good on the work/life balance. Owning my own business hasn't exactly helped with that but I've got some fantastic staff that I'm confident to leave holding my baby, so to speak.

When are you happiest?

On my bike, with the wind through what's left of my hair!

Why should other cafes/people make the switch to paper straws?

Why the hell did we ever switch to plastic for everything anyway?

What will you do when you retire?

I seriously don't ever see myself retiring. Handing over the administrative rains definitely but I want to do this until I die, in whatever capacity I am capable.

What impact has swapping the straws made on your business?

There was never any thought of having plastic straws. Our next step is our in-house composting and worm farm. We want to create as little landfill as we possibly can.


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  • Great and honest report. Makes the whole atmosphere feel content and a happy relaxing place to drink and dine.
    Someone who’s up to date with the future and who cares.
    Don’t work too hard. Definitely mix family and your business evenly.

    Ian Moody on

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