Equal Pay Day

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November 10th was Equal Pay day. NZ women earn on average 14% less than men so with 14% of the year remaining, women are effectively working for free for the rest of the year.

This is depressing but it's also good chance to think about how we can help to close the gap. Purchasing from businesses owned by women is one way.

At The Rubbish Whisperer we consciously choose to support NZ businesses owned by women.

Here some of our favourites:

Products by businesses owned by women

Smooch manufacture our new make-up remover and have a great range of other skin care products - made in Nelson; business owned by Corrin.

Our friends at MyCup manufacture menstrual cups in Christchurch, and help to end period poverty. Kimberli employs 4 women - keeping jobs in NZ and saving tonnes of menstrual products going to landfill every year.

Brianne at Ethique employs 8 Kiwi woman and makes shampoo bars that are loved worldwide. 

Convergence PR is owned by Leigh and Erin and supply marketing and PR to businesses and organisations big and small.

We're excited to be working with Sarah from Wrapper's Delight who, through innovative product design, has made reusable gift wrap easy to use, waste-free and beautiful.

Remix Plastic bridges the gap between technology and education. Anthea uses 3D printing and laser cutting to make practical products from recycled plastic and inspires students to combine technology and sustainability.

Tara from Honeywrap collaborates with NZ designers to produce beautiful reusable beeswax food wrap in Auckland and has saved over 2 million km of plastic wrap.

Nicola from GingerPye manufactures reusable sandwich wraps that we've been pleased to stock for 5 years.

7 great NZ businesses owned by women and preventing plastic pollution at the same time - we're honoured to work with you all.

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