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By Hannah Beasley.

We know there is a problem with waste. We know we should change. But we lead busy lives, we don’t know where to start, we feel so small. And so, we don’t do anything. Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry you are not alone and making a positive and meaningful change is just a click away.

The international movement focused on reducing the use of single use plastic straws is gathering steam and we're pleased to have our own dedicated campaign. “Plastic Straws are For Suckers” – is a movement to get the country to give up the plastic straw and move to biodegradable/reusable options. Forty-three eateries have already made the switch and people like you have been the drivers.

Musician Jack Johnson says, "I believe there are better alternatives to single-use disposable plastics, and that we as consumers can encourage innovation and ask businesses to take responsibility for the environmental impact of the products they produce." This is our time to act.

Here are your three simple steps to change:

Get Inspired: Being informed makes us more motivated to make a change. Take a look at the resources on our Facebook page for inspirational reading and videos.

Take Action: Do something. Switch it up. Start simple and feel good by buying some fun, colourful biodegradable staws - because the little things do matter.

Share The Love: Celebrate your new knowledge and successes with people you like and love. If your favourite eatery uses plastic straws tell them about the Plastic Straws are For Suckers Campaign.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is when we act together for our environment, so join the revolution and start living like you love the ocean, yourself, and the planet.


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