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Paper Bin Liners - Fundraising

Regular price $260.00

Get ready for the plastic bag ban with these paper bin liners.

  • Sturdy enough to stand up in your bin.
  • Base: 28 cm x 15 cm 
  • Height: 32.5 cm

How it works

1) Order online here with free shipping
2) Sell paper bin liners with a mark up of 46%
3) Keep the profit for your fundraiser
4) Any left over products can be sent back at the end for a refund*


  You Buy For You Sell For Your Profit % Your Profit $
Paper Bin Liners - bundle of 20 $13 $19 46% $6


Worried about sogginess when using a paper bin liner?

  • Remember to put your organics into compost
  • Take your soft plastics to the supermarket for the soft plastics recycling scheme
  • Take your own container to the butcher and get them to tare weight it.
  • Buy meat from the supermarket in recyclable packaging - not styrofoam.
  • Recycle your cans, milk bottles, bottles and everything else that can go in your council recycling pick up
  • Take your batteries to a battery recycling point (eg. Lincoln New World)


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