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Increased Lead Time Due to High Demand for Paper Straws

 Due to the overwhelming and exciting global demand for Aardvark Paper Straws, we are currently experiencing extended lead times on some of our products.  While we have been continually adding capacity and will continue to do so, the recent increase in demand has caused lead times to extend out to 4+ weeks at this time.  We expect this current situation to only last a few months and would kindly ask for your patience and advanced planning until the next wave of capacity is added.

 Please be assured we are doing everything possible to provide you with the best paper straws on the planet as quickly as we can.  Our next shipment is due in April and another in June. All our standard straws will now be flexible, making them easier to drink from and are the only flexible paper straws on the market. Our straws are of high quality so don’t be tempted by inferior! 

We advise that you sign up for our newsletter for updates of our shipments. If you are considering changing to paper straws, contact us now and let us know what your preference is, and we will make sure we can fulfil your order when the stock arrives.

As always, we thank you for your continued partnership with The Rubbish Whisperer and we look forward to growing with you in the years to come!

Paper Straws, Reusable Produce Bags and much more... 

Paper straws with style that don't go soggy, reusable produce bags that brighten up your trolley, sexy stainless steel drinking straws...The Rubbish Whisperer has solutions that make it easy to reduce plastic waste.
Whether you're shopping for the family and don't like those flimsy plastic bags from the supermarket, or are running a cafe and want to reduce your plastic waste by switching to paper straws, we've got the solutions for you.
 Everything we sell looks great, performs well and is good for the environment so you can Live Life with Less Rubbish.