Reusable Produce Bags Fundraising

How it works

1) Order bags online here with free shipping
2) Sell bags with a mark up of 40% (see table below)
3) Keep the profit for your fundraiser
4) Any left over bags can be sent back at the end for a refund*


  You Buy For You Sell For Your Profit % Your Profit $
Reusable Produce Bags (5 pack) $15.99 $22.50 40% $6.51

 Prices include GST and shipping.  

Reusable Produce Bags

Why Kiwis choose Reusable Produce Bags for fundraising...

It's Profitable

  • Reusable produce bags earn a 40% return.
  • Each pack of reusable produce bags sold gives the same return as 7 bars of chocolate
  • Free Shipping
  • Reusable produce bags are an exciting new product which people are eager to buy

It's Good For You...

  • Makes a welcome change from chocolate
  • Encourages healthy eating choices

...and the Environment

  • Each reusable produce bag replaces hundreds of plastic bags
  • No plastic is used in our packaging
  • The Rubbish Whisperer donates 1% of sales to local environmental projects 

It's Easy

  • No paperwork
  • No dealing with small change
  • Place your order online
  • Free Shipping
  • Return any unsold bags*

*Returned bags must be in resalable condition

And Made In New Zealand too!


We have made up some order forms and social media templates to help you promote and run your fundraiser - see them here




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