Hospitality Sustainable Changes Workshops

How to implement sustainable changes in Hospitality

We have had a few cafes ask us about waste audits and tips on how they can further reduce their environmental impact. After further investigation we have realised that most hospitality businesses are facing the same hurdles and have decided to start offering workshops. 


- a 2 hour workshop that covers common waste related issues, supply chain opportunities, easy solutions and discusses challenges. 
- targeting hospitality businesses that want to implement sustainable changes but don't know where to begin, or have started and got as far as they can.
- Businesses can send along their waste advocate/champion, who can then report back to the boss and team, or the boss/manager/owner can come along and learn how to communicate the sustainable messages to their team. 
- Cost is estimated at $50 per person ($75 for two from a business). This is dependent on overheads. 
- Morning tea/afternoon tea will be provided (depending on timing)
- Will provide an opportunity for people to meet others in similar situations and provide a network for sustainable collaboration and networking. 

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