Reusable Makeup Pads - Fundraising

  • $107.50

100% Cotton reusable makeup pads. These can be used for either applying or removing makeup.

They come in a set of four; black (for use with mascara), white and two colours (pink, blue, peach, lime).

Care: Wash either in soapy water and rinse; or throw in the washing machine. Note that the washing machine will not remove all the makeup but will clean the wipes. To get the foundation off them you can rinse them in white vinegar. 

Made in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

How it works

1) Order bags online here with free NZ shipping
2) Sell make up pads with a mark up of 40%
3) Keep the profit for your fundraiser
4) Any left over bags can be sent back at the end for a refund*

You buy for You Sell for Profit Margin
$10.75 $15 $4.25  40%

Minimum order 10 x packs of 4 wipes.
Prices include GST and shipping.


*All unsold products need to be returned within 3 months of purchase and be in clean, salable condition to receive a full refund. 

If you have any problems with your order please contact us as soon as possible. Any issues need to be raised within 7 days of receiving your order.

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