Lockdown crafting activities

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If you’re feeling like you’ve done everything with the kids already, but there’s still more time to keep them entertained while in lockdown, why not try some crafting activities with paper straws?

Paper straws are even better for construction than plastic ones because they are heaps sturdier and so you can build more elaborate models.

We can ship paper straws to you once NZ is in Alert Level 3 and we've got some packs of multicoloured crafting straws made up ready to go or purchase packs to make sea creatures

Got heaps of skills? Make a full underwater scene like the headdress from our Wearable Arts outfit (straws are used as the coral skeleton).

Got no skills? Well, I made this spider (stop laughing!)

Lacking ideas? Just google straw crafts - anything you can make with plastic straws you can make with paper ones! Send us your photos and we'll stick them up on Facebook :)




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